We think that clothing can educate. Style is not superficial; it signals. We also believe in social justice. Each of us has a responsibility to educate ourselves about the people, concepts, and events that have bent the long moral arc of the universe towards justice. We believe that clothing starts conversations. We believe that conversations give us opportunities to reach out to others, share, teach, and learn. 

 Our clothing helps educate and activate in four ways. The first is by letting you identify yourself with an inspirational person, event, or idea from the progressive past. The second is that the clothing itself acts as an agent, leading you toward conversations where you can invite others to educate themselves. Third, we aim to present material on our website so that anyone who visits it can learn about the figures, ideas, and moments that have shaped our society. Fourth and finally, we believe that by donating 100% of sale profits to activist organizations, our shirts can help each of these organizations achieve their own missions.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it definitely rhymes. Our shirts help you notice when it does, and how it should.